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100 Dendrobium Orchid Blooms
100% Guaranteed
9-3/4" Black Diamond Vase
Air Plant
Aloha Bouquet
Aloha Coffee Mug
Anthurium Bouquets
Anthurium Plants
Anuenue (Rainbow) Bouquet
Awapuhi (Ginger) Bouquet
Bamboo Orchid Plant
Big Kahuna Gift Baskets
Bird-of-Paradise Seeds
Bobby-Gold Orchid Plants
Care Instructions
Chocolate Macadamia Kona Coffee
Christina Lei - Leis from Hawaii
Cigar Lei
Dancing Lady Bouquet
Dancing Lady Orchid Plant
Dendrobium and Ti Leaf Lei
Dendrobium and Tuberose Lei
Double Purple Dendrobium Lei
Double Tu-tone Dendrobium Lei
Double White and Purple Dendrobium Lei
Double White Dendrobium Lei
Double White with Purple Dendrobium Lei
Firecracker and Lehua Pepe Lei
Firecracker Lei
Frequently asked...
Gemini Anthurium Plant
Gift Certificate - $100
Gift Certificate - $25
Gift Certificates
Gourmet Gift Baskets
Green & Red Ti Plant
Green Ti Plant
Guava Seeds
Guzmania Empire Bromeliad Lava Plant
Guzmania Hilda Bromeliad Lava Plant
Guzmania Huron Bromeliad Lava Plant
Guzmania Salsa Bromeliad Lava Plant
Guzmania Samba Bromeliad Lava Plant
Hawaiian Chocolates
Hawaiian Chocolates
Macadamia Nuts
Kona Coffee

Hawaiian Host MacNut Crunch
Hawaiian Host Maui Caramacs
Hawaiian Host Scenic Box
Hawaiian Host Tiki Classic
Hawaiian Leis
Hawaiian Leis - Bulk Order Wholesale Discount Price
Hawaiian Princess Bouquet
Hawaiian Sampler Gift Baskets
Hawaiian Tiki
Hawaiian Treasures Bouquet
Hearts Desire Centerpiece
Hilo Hula Bouquet
Intergeneric Orchid Plant
Island Snow Bouquet
Island Splendor Bouquet
Island Sunrise Gift Baskets
Kailua Centerpiece
King Kamehameha Bouquet
Kona Classic Kona Coffee
Kona Coffee
Kona Coffee Gift Baskets
Kona Coffee Seeds
Kona Sunrise Kona Coffee
Lady Ann Tulip Bouquet
Lava Plants
Lavender Smalltalk Anthurium Plant
Lola Anthurium Plant
Macadamia Herbal Tea
Macadamia Nuts
Maile Lei
Maui Garden Bouquet
Maui Onion Seeds
Mauna Loa Butter Candy Glazed Macadamia
Mauna Loa Dry Roasted & Salted Macadamia
Mauna Loa Gift Baskets
Mauna Loa Honey Roasted Macadamia
Mauna Loa Kona Coffee Glazed Macadamia
Mauna Loa Maui Onion & Garlic Macadamia
Mauna Loa Vanda Lei
Mele Kalikimaka Bouquet
Merrie Monarch Bouquet
Micronesian Ginger Lei
Mock Orange Leaf Lei
More Tropical Plants...
Multi-colored Haku Lei
Nicoya Anthurium Plant
Obake and Ginger Bouquet
On Sale
Onomea Waterfalls Bouquet
Orchid Bouquets
Orchid Plant Mix -- Tropical Orchid Plants
Orchid Plants
Papaya Seeds
Paradise Passion Bouquet
Pele`s Fire Bouquet
Pineapple Waikiki Tea
Pink Plumeria Plant
Pink Smalltalk Anthurium Plant
Plumeria Plant Mix
Poipu Bouquet
Poni Bouquet
Princess Leilani Bouquet
Purple Dendrobium Orchid Plant
Purple Plum Anthurium Plant
Red Ginger and Ti Leaf Lei
Red Ginger Plant
Red Hawaiian Hearts Bouquet
Red Hibiscus Plant
Red Plumeria Plant
Red Smalltalk Anthurium Lava Plant
Red Ti Plant
Salmon Smalltalk Anthurium Plant
Sharry-Sharry Baby Orchid Bouquet
Shipping Policy
Single Dendrobium Lei
Single Vanda Lei
Small Cattleya Orchid Plant
Small Dendrobium Orchid Plant
Small Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant
Small Red Anthurium Plant
Snow on Mauna Kea Bouquet
Song of India Lei
Special Order
Special Orders
Spring Fling Bouquet
Sunrise on the Beach Bouquet
The Dashboard Dancing Hula Girl
The Dashboard Dancing Hula Guy
Ti Leaf Draping Lei
Ti Leaf Leis - 5 lei styles
Tropic Fire Anthurium Plant
Tropical Birds-of-Paradise Bouquet
Tropical Bouquets
Tropical Dream Bouquet
Tropical Jungle Bouquet
Tropical Plants
Seeds - Plant Starters

Tropical Splash
Tropical Tradewind Bouquet
Vanilla Macadamia Nut Kona Coffee
Volcano Queen Orchid Plant
Vriesea Carly Bromeliad Lava Plant
Vriesea Splenriet Bromeliad Lava Plant
Waikiki Bouquet
Wedding Flowers
White Christina Lei
White Dendrobium Bridal Bouquet
White Dendrobium Hanging Lei
White Dendrobium Red Rose Wristlette
White Dendrobium/ Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant
White Ginger Plant
White Haku Lei
White Plumeria Plant
White Single Dendrobium Lei
Wildcat Orchid Plant
Winter Wonderland Orchid Plants
Woodrose Plant Seeds
Yellow Hibiscus Plant
Yellow Plumeria Plant
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