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Click to enlargepadKona Coffee Gift Basket

Our Kona Coffee gift basket contains everything needed for a gourmet coffee treat they just won't believe -- just brew!

Some say that Kona Coffee is the finest in the world and we would agree. Our Kona Coffee gift basket makes a real treat for your coffee lover. Our gift basket includes

  • Royal Kona Coffee's Private Reserve, 7oz Ground, Dark Roast
  • 2 - Matching Hawaiian Aloha 8oz Coffee Mugs (style may vary)
  • Packaged in a hand-woven lauhala basket.

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    The unique character of the Kona District with rich volcanic soil, mild island breezes, cool gentle rains, and afternoon shade provides the ideal conditions for growing coffee. Only the finest green coffee beans are selected for roasting by the roast master. The result is one of the finest cups of coffee anywhere. Royal Kona brand is the best of the best.

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